Battlelands Royale Guide – Tips for Gameplay and How to Win

Battlelands is one of the smooth and cutest Battle Royale game till now. The game has been developed by one of the experienced developers Futureplay. Battle Royale games are now highest-grossing games in the current era. The characters of this game are short and made like cartoony graphics. These kinds of graphics make it a perfect adorable game.


If you have played Battlelands Royale games before must know how the strategies work in these kinds of a match. If not, I will tell you how to play and survive until the last minute of every match. After beginning the match, you better jump through parachute at a safe place if you do not want to die the quickest way. Making a mark on your map tries to jump on the same spot and try to avoid enemy at the beginning.

 The first thing to do after land on the spot, find guns and armors as soon as possible. You cannot just win with guns and armors; there are a lot more strategies required in Battle Royale matches. Rather than just spot and kill enemy, better focus on hiding and shoot. This trick is for new players who just started playing. Loot as much as you can because, in the end, it all will help you to survive till last enemies.

Try to loot enemy if you kill any. Hide in the bushes and do sneak peek on the enemy and kill enemy will your miniguns, bombs, bazooka, machine guns, rifles and many more guns you can try. Survival is the key to this game, and you could be the best player in the game if you learn to survive.