Kinds of sharks in Hungry Shark World


On the Android and IOS device, many different types of games are available. In the all games many enjoyable and exciting missions are available. Today we will talk about a favorite game Hungry Shark World. It is the best game with 20 different areas and tasks. The game is a world with are full fill from sharks and shows the underwater world. It is also an incredible platform to show your skills and give entertainment to yourself. In the game, currencies are also available which show the importance of currencies so by getting Hungry Shark World Cheats. You can easily play it on Android and IOS device.

Types of Shark-

In the game, many types of sharks are available with different skills. In each shark advanced features are available. If you want to get a complete guide about sharks, then read the article.

  1. Reef Sharks- It is a first purchasable shark in Hungry Shark World. If you are a beginner, then you are able to purchase this shark first time. Its maximum health is 75 with 129 high speeds. This shark is able to eat smaller and less dangerous prey. If you want to increase the speed, then you also upgrade it.


  1. Whitetips Reef Sharks- This is a second payable shark with high skills. If you want to purchase it, then 3000 coins are required.


  1. Porbeagle- It is also a best type of the sharks. The company launched it with high speed and health.


  1. Blue Sharks- This shark is purchasable from 4000 coins and gems. The high speed of this shark is 168 and health is 95.


  1. Drago- It is the best and most popular shark in the Hungry Shark World. With the help of it, you are able to eat the more fish. As per that in the game many kinds of sharks are available.